Out of Field Teachers

Out of Field Notification

Dear Parent/Guardian


All educators in Florida are monitored to ensure they meet certification and training requirements as mandated by law.  Per Florida Stature 1012.42, when a teacher is assigned teaching duties out of the field in which the teacher is certified, the parents of all students in the class shall be notified in writing.

Hillsborough County Public Schools is committed to providing quality instruction for all students and does so by employing the most qualified individuals to teach and support each student int he classroom.  The district is assisting our teachers by developing an Individual Professional Development Plan to complete the requirements needed to become in-field.

All of our teachers are certified to teach, although some of them are currently out-of-field and are working on additionally areas of certification.  you have the right to know the professional qualifications of teachers or paraprofessionals who instruct your child.  Federal law allows you to ask for certain information about your child's teachers and requires us to give you this information in a timely manner if you ask for it.  If you would like more information, please contact the school at 813-671-5134.

The table in the link out of field, lists the teachers who are currently out-of-field.


Amy Stevens-Cox, Principal