On July 11, 2022 our data processor will be back from summer break! If you are looking to register your student at Belmont, now is the time to request an appointment! 

In order to register at Belmont you must be in our school zone. Check your address in our HCPS locator below.


Registration will be by appointment only. Please make sure that you have all the following items before your appointment or you will be asked to reschedule. You must be zoned for Belmont In order to register. 

 ⁃ Birth Certificate 

 ⁃ Social security card 

 ⁃ Up to date physical ( must be between the dates of 08/10/21 - 08/10/22) 

 ⁃ Up to date shot record. 

 ⁃ Two Proofs of residency ( I can only accept These items Leasing agreement , mortgage bill, TECO bill, warranty deed, homestead exemption, last years property tax receipt or purchase agreement) 

 ⁃ Please bring your ID’s for identity verification. 

 ⁃ Court order (if applicable)

 ⁃ The name and address of the last school attended (if applicable) 

Below is the link to request an appointment. 


Hope you’re having a fantastic Summer! We can’t wait to have you in our Belmont family!