Important Information from Administration

Important Information from Administration-PLEASE READ

Attendance: Please call 975-7665/press 1 to get the attendance line/leave a message with your child's name/ student number and the reason for the absence. Please try your best to schedule appointments when school is not in session. We need access to our students to help them exceed academic goals.
Arrival: Gates will open at 9:15am and students are to report to homeroom for breakfast in the classroom. For safety, students must use breakfast carts nearest their homeroom classes. If you need earlier childcare options, you must sign up for host at: to an external site.
Carline: The carline is in front of the school.  Please have your child’s sign on the dashboard for safety.               
AM Carline: Only one lane. Please pull forward before allowing your student out of the car.                                  PM Carline: The exterior lane is for 6th grade car riders. The interior lane is for 7th and 8th grade car riders. Please remind your student to look up for their car so that they may be escorted safely by an adult.
Canvas and Grades: Please follow your child’s grades on Canvas. Teachers are updating them regularly. Changes to schedules will reflect in Canvas within 24-48 hours. 
COVID-19: Please do not allow your child to come to school when not feeling well. If your child has COVID-19 symptoms, please email
Uniforms: Adams is a uniform school. Please help us by ensuring your child represents Adams’ expectations for success. (Blue, White, Gold shirt and Blue, Khaki, or Black bottoms). You may also order uniforms via (Bookkeeper). We have provided families one month to make arrangements and our Social Worker: has provided support to families in need. We will discipline students for not adhering to the value system of safety and identification cultivated by our uniform expectations which families voted to uphold.