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Canvas Student Guide

To access the Canvas Student Guide, please click one of the following links or copy the link to Chrome: or

Hillsborough County Public Schools is pleased to announce the release of the Canvas Student Guide. Canvas is the District's new learning management system (LMS) and will replace Edsby. A Learning Management System (LMS) simplifies teaching and learning by connecting the digital tools teachers, students, and parents use in one place. This guide has been created for students and includes information about the Canvas Learning Management System and general instructions for using Canvas as a student.
The Canvas Student Guide provides step-by-step tutorials on how to interact and learn with Canvas. The guide is accessible under the help icon in Canvas and the "Students" section of our district web site. The modules within the guide have been added to Canvas Commons so teachers can integrate them directly into their Smart Start Week lessons if they wish. Also, students can work through the guide at their own pace with support from their teacher. Initially, teachers should orient their students to their class homepage and class-specific activities as they build a foundation of knowledge to utilize Canvas.
Students will use Canvas to:
• Access class materials (calendar, assignments, quizzes, etc.) online using any device or any browser;
• Track their progress through ongoing teacher feedback tools;
• Receive course announcements, grade notifications, etc. instantaneously on their preferred device(s);
• Easily collaborate with peers and teachers.
By engaging in the modules found in the Canvas Student Guide, students maximize their potential to interact and learn successfully with Canvas. Students will increase their knowledge of Canvas by navigating through the following modules:
• Logging into Canvas;
• Finding Your Way Around Canvas;
• How to Access Your Courses;
• How to View and Submit Assignments;
• How to Participate in Discussions;
• How to Take Quizzes;
• How to See Your Grades.

To access the Canvas Student Guide, please click one of the following links or copy the link to Chrome: or