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School Uniform Ordering and Uniform Policy

Order school uniforms:


Download a copy of the Uniform Policy here

Thank you parents for supporting our school uniform policy.  Together with your help, we have been able to raise Eisenhower to new heights and provide some wonderful student incentives to enhance learning and the overall experience.

 In an effort to continue the positive momentum forward for next year, we are modifying the mandatory uniform policy, making it easier for parents and students next year.

To help provide a safe and orderly environment, and build grade level spirit and togetherness, we have also designated a specific color for each grade level, with

6th grade wearing red, 7th wearing white or light grey and 8th wearing navy blue collared shirts.

CollaredShirts                         Pants/Shorts/Skirts/Dresses   

                                                            Items must follow Hillsborough

                  6th-Red                             Public School Guidelines. Please

                  7th-White/Light Grey      see student handbook for more

                  8th- Navy Blue                  information.


Each Friday will be Spirit Day – Students will be allowed to wear an Eisenhower Club t-shirt or spirit shirt. Thursday’s will be designated as College Shirt Days, where students may wear a polo or t-shirt representative of a specific college or university instead of their standard uniform shirt.

For Winter months, students may wear sweatshirts over their uniform shirts but we strongly encourage them to be in their grade level color and without writing.  We remind students a collared shirt should be worn underneath at all times in case the student gets hot. Sweatshirts will be available for purchase through the Eisenhower Spirit Store as well with the school log on it.

 Why uniforms?  Research has shown the following:

  1. School uniforms level the playing field. When all students have to wear the same thing, none of them can brag about wearing the latest, most expensive fashions.
  2. School uniforms can also increase student safety. Students cannot wear gang-affiliated clothing or colors if specific uniforms are required. Uniforms allow staff to easily be able to spot an unauthorized person on campus and allows for quicker identified for students traveling home from school.
  3. School uniforms make it easier on families to shop for school clothes. Uniforms are usually cheaper than other clothing and not having to decide what to wear saves time.
  4. Within the pros and cons of school uniforms, increasing self-confidence when students don't feel pressured to wear certain types of clothing is an intrinsic value of a uniform policy. Uniforms also make it almost harder for students to be bullied over clothing choices. Studies have shown that middle school students often felt safer and more confident when wearing uniforms.
  5. School uniforms can foster school spirit. When students are wearing their uniforms, they are also representing their schools. This school unity can be increased with activities such as logo design contests and votes on any uniform changes.
  6. Uniforms save teachers and administrators valuable time. Schools that have dress codes in place rather than uniform policies often struggle with gray areas: Is a girl's shirt cut too low? Does that t-shirt cross a line? Instead of dealing with academic issues, administrators are left making clothing decisions instead of supporting the academic mission of the school.
  7. School uniforms lessen distractions in the classroom. No one is sidetracked by someone's T-shirt message or where a friend got their specific shirt. Instead, students are concentrating on their classroom work. 
  8. School uniform policies have been shown to reduce tardiness and absences. 
  9. Schools that implement school uniform policies tend to experience a reduction in discipline referrals.
  10. Some studies have even shown an increase in academic test scores in schools that have implemented uniform policies.