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Collins PK-8 Q&A

What will student hours be?

The school day for all students will be 7:40-2:20.

Will the school be open for all grades?

Yes, 6-8 are coming for the 23-24 school year.

If rising 8th graders are zoned for Collins, can they stay at their current middle school?  

Current 7th graders (rising 8th graders) at Rodgers, Barrington, and Eisenhower had the opportunity to apply for School Choice to remain for 8th grade. No transportation will be provided. 

Will the middle school building be finished by the first day of school?

The new building will not be ready until mid November.  Middle school students will be in modular classrooms until the building is finished.   

How will middle school students get their class assignments?
They will pick up their schedule at “Meet the Teacher.”

What will the middle school schedule be?
Students will have an 8-period day.
Each period will be 48 minutes long.

Will the middle school students have sports?
We will have all middle school athletics (soccer, track, basketball, volleyball, flag football).

Do I need to fill out middle school elective courses?
No, we pulled the electives from students' current schools. Any students enrolling from magnet, charter, private, and home school will fill out an elective sheet when they enroll.
What middle school electives will be offered?
Current electives are band, chorus, art, Spanish, and AVID.
Students will have PE and one of these electives.