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School Supply List

The Florida Back to School Tax Free weekend will be Friday, August 7-Sunday August 9, 2020. With that in mind, although we will be beginning our school year 100% e-learning for the first four weeks, we still wanted to give you the opportunity to think ahead about future school supply needs. To help, we are providing the attached tentative grade level supply lists. Each list contains the general supply list for that grade which all the teachers agree students will need for their classes. General supplies can be used across all classes in that grade level. For example, the markers your child uses in one 6th grade class can be the same markers he/she uses for another 6th grade class.

Additionally, each list contains the specific supply requirements each teacher has for his/her classes when we return to a brick and mortar setting. We understand that you will not know who your child’s individual teachers are when shopping; however, you can use this list to look for consistencies between classes and let that help guide your shopping. If you see, for example, that all ELA teachers require composition notebooks for language arts, a student would need one regardless of the teacher he/she is assigned in that grade level. As with any school supply purchase, we encourage families to save their receipts so items can be returned if/as needed.

We appreciate all the patience and support you have shown and we look forward to providing you with your child’s schedule and list of teachers as soon as we are able. In the meantime, it is our hope that these supply lists will help you take advantage of the Florida Back to School Tax Free weekend.

Dr. Odalys Pritchard
Principal, Coleman Middle School
Hillsborough County Public Schools


6th grade

7th grade

8th grade