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Classroom Wish Lists

The teachers of Clark Elementary are working hard to ensure that their classrooms are stocked with supplies and equipment for a great school year. You can help support our teachers by browsing their classroom wish lists below. There are links to online wish lists for many teachers. Teachers who are not listed may have a wish list in their classroom.

Aimee Addison

Cynthia Arnold

Rachel Bahs

Ria Beamer

Lisa Boatright

Lexus Bontrager

Carla Brunini

Erin Bunte

Amber Charbonier

Donna Clark

Carrie Donatelli

Ronit Elkin

Joy Gaillard

Christy Gupta

Karen Hess

Brandie Killingsworth

Laura Kleespies

Brittany Long

Denise McIlwane

Nicole Mendoza

Sasha Palfi

Bethany Plate

Nikki Roberts

Tiffany Smith

Leigh Snee

Amy Tabachnick

Dana Vega

Tia Weidler

Mechelle Williams

Tracy Wood

Jennifer Zabatta

Taneel Ziegler