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Exit Review Data

As we near the end of the semester our Exit meeting to determine student placement for next semester is a primary focus. This is an important time for you and your student as it relates to next semesters placement.

Student data is being gathered with special attention on the next few weeks attendance, behavior and class credits/grades for our Exit meeting. For best results for students who have satisfied their placement term as set by the Office of Student Engagement; please make sure your student is coming to school, following the procedures of the campus and earning the best possible grades.

As a reminder, the goal is for students to return to their traditional school setting with missing classes/credit made up, to ensure a GPA & credit count that aligns with a successful graduation with their classmates.  Students must demonstrate good attendance, positive behavior and engagement in their education while at Brandon Success Center, this is the fastest way back to a traditional school setting and all the opportunities these campuses offer students and families.