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Homecoming Dance Information

Blake High School will be hosting a Homecoming Dance on November 6th from 7 PM - 11 PM at the DoubleTree Hotel at 4500 W. Cypress St. 

Students need to turn in signed permission forms to Ms. Ogle in the Media Center in order to purchase tickets via MyPaymentsPlus online. Students may not purchase Homecoming tickets before speaking with Ms. Ogle and getting their paperwork approved.

Tickets will be sold from October 11th to October 22nd online only. 

Blake students may bring an HCPS student as a guest with signed paperwork and approval from Ms. Ogle. 

Paperwork can be picked up from Student Affairs or the Media Center, or can be printed off from the link below. All pieces must be printed, signed and returned to Ms. Ogle:

Homecoming Information Form (signed and returned)

HCPS Permission Form for Homecoming

HCPS Permission form for GUESTS at Homecoming

Please email Ms. Ogle at, or text at 813-591-0999.

Ms. Ogle