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Message from PTSA President September 2020

Hello, my name is Andrea Thomasson and I have the pleasure of being the Benito PTSA President this year. We have officially made it through 2 weeks of school! Whether your student is elearning or brick and mortar we are all part of the Benito Jaguar family. I hope everyone is getting into some sort of routine. This year is going to bring many challenges and new opportunities that I am looking forward to. 
Our PTSA this year has already been working to lay the foundation for this school year. We support our students, teachers and staff with educational materials and supplies that will be needed. We are utilizing the PTSA Memberhub, where you can purchase your PTSA membership through our store, as well as, check out the calendar of events coming up. The URL to memberhub store is
When sports are able to resume we will update the calendar with sports paperwork due dates, tryout dates and sporting events. With this system we will be able to set up reminders with your preference of email or text for due dates. This will be an easy way to keep track of what is happening at the school, since many of our middle schoolers find it difficult to communicate with us parents :) You are welcome to sign your student up at Memberhub so they can check out some of the dates that they may miss during announcements or if they are elearning. I hope everyone has a successful year and look forward to meeting all of you when we are able to safely resume sports and events.
We have a few open positions on our PTSA board and would welcome new members to join us. Please email me for more information at  

Best wishes,

Andrea Thomasson
PTSA President

Benito PTSA