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NEW- RAYS Incentive Card Program

We are announcing our NEW RAYS Incentive Card Program. This is a Tier 1 Program for ALL students at Sumner HS.

RAYS Incentive Cards will be passed out at all lunches on Oct 25th. Absent students can pick up their cards from Mrs. Windheuser. 

What: An incentive program focusing on personal goals and personal growth in academics, behaviors, and attendance. 

Who: ALL Sumner students are eligible for a RAYS Incentive Card.


  • Each Sumner student is eligible to participate by picking up a RAYS Incentive Card during their lunch period on Wednesday Oct 25th
  • There are eight (8) goals on the card (first 2 rows) that students can work towards during Quarter 2.  (Five of the 8 goals for Access students.) There are four (4) Bonus goals.  Students have the entire quarter to reach their goals.
  • Students who complete the eight (8) goals will bring their cards to lunch beginning December 11th for verification with Mrs. Windheuser and her team.
  • Only Mrs. Windheuser, or Team member, can hole punch the completed goals, beginning on December 11th.
  • Bonus Goals can substitute for any of the eight goals listed.
  • The completed Incentive Card earns that student admittance to our RAYS Incentive Party on December 15th during 8th period.

What happens in Quarter 3?

  • New cards will be created for Quarter 3, they will be a different color. The exact same goals will be listed for Quarter 3.
  • Students who earned the RAYS Incentive Party in Quarter 2 will have additional discounts at local businesses, in-school perks and other prizes listed on the back of their cards to “cash in” during Quarter 3.
  • Students who did not participate or complete a card in Quarter 2, CAN participate in Quarter 3, and their card will be blank on the back.  These students can earn the perks on their Quarter 4 card.
  • The RAYS Incentive Party for Quarter 3 will be at the end of the Quarter in March.
  • The process will be repeated for Quarter 4.


Can a student get a replacement card if they lose it? Yes, see Mrs. Windheuser. 

Can a student not pick up a card at first, but then decide later to participate? Yes, see Mrs. Windheuser for cards.

What do I have to do as a teacher? Only encourage students to participate and encourage them to reach those goals!

When do the criteria begin for Quarter 2? Thursday October 26th

When do students get cards verified? At lunches beginning December 11th.

I have students who arrive on late buses, will they be ineligible for the “less than 5 tardy” goal and the “on time to school “ goal? Yes, students who ride late buses are EXCUSED tardy to1st period, these will not count against the student.

Parents, please enourage your student to participate and set these goals for themselves!

Please contact if you have questions.