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Student Parking Info 2022-2023

Strawberry Crest 2022-2023 Student Parking Information

Student parking hang tags will be sold by the Assistant Principals for Student Affairs.

The initial sale will occur in front of the Main Office on the following dates and times until further notice: 

  • Wednesday, July 27th from 9am-12pm (Seniors Only)
  • Thursday, July 28th from 9am-12pm (Underclassmen and Seniors)
  • Monday, August 1st from 9am-12pm (Underclassmen and Seniors)


Any underclassmen or senior with a valid ID must come to the school with a parent/guardian to sign and pay for the parking hang tag if you wish to receive the hang tag that day.  You may fill out the forms from the school webpage and have a parent sign them if you wish to not have your parent come to the school.  Again, hang tag/senior spots WILL NOT be given out without parents' signatures.

We will not sell you a hang tag unless you have met the following criteria on the day you come up to the school:

  • Parking Decal Registration Form (Available the day of or on the school page) Signed by student/parent.
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Current Vehicle Registration
  • Current Vehicle Insurance
  • Cleared from the debt list BEFORE applying for a parking decal
  • $20.00 (Underclassmen Hangtag)
  • $50.00 (Senior Hangtag and Senior Spot) *$40 donation to the Senior Class and NHS

Hang tags will be sold again during normal school hours in the main office starting August 10th.


Senior Parking Designs

To paint your senior spot, you must first pay on the registration days listed above and turn in your design for approval.

Please stick to these dates.  If you cannot make it on these dates, a later make-up date will be made.  

The senior parking form must be turned in before you paint.  

We ARE NOT painting curbs anymore. Seniors are responsible for painting and the designs must be done using exterior latex paint.

If you have any further questions, please email Ms. Miltner -


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