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Read Wherever You Are!

Why read e-books?

  • Multiple devices accept e-books – e-readers, tablets, cell phones, PCs and laptops.
  • Accessible anywhere – Download an e-book on your device, and you can read anywhere!
  • Available books are immediately accessible on your device.
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen and select the font and size to lessen strain on your eyes.
  • Many have text-to-speech or read-aloud features.
  • Bookmark certain pages, find a definition easily on same device, and highlight text.
  • No overdue fines.  Books automatically "disappear" from device on due date.

Students in the School District of Hillsborough County have access to two GREAT e-book apps:

Axis360 - Multiple copies available, easy to check out.  

myON - Now you can download (English, Espanol) to your device!

Using their student ID numbers, ALL students in SDHC have access to additional e-books through the Hillsborough County Public Library:

HAAL Pass - from Hillsborough County Public Library, eReading apps such as Overdrive, Libby, and more!  See flyer for login info.