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Reddick Finds Adventure During Celebrate Literacy Week

Reading Can Take You Anywhere!

Students at Reddick "traveled" the United States during Celebrate Literacy Week, January 25 - 29th.  Each day, teachers staff and students dressed up for the theme of the day and were treated to a video read aloud about different states.

On Monday, Mrs. Benton read all about Florida for the theme "Soaking up a good book!".  Students dressed in their best Florida wear.  We saw beach clothes, lots of Disney, and even fishing gear.

For Georgia, on Tuesday, we were all "Hunting for a good book!".  Mrs. Foley read to us about her home state of Georgia, and we all dressed in camo.

Wednesday's theme was "Reading is All-American", and everyone dressed in Red, White, and Blue.  We learned all about Texas from Mrs. Mason.

Mrs. Storey took us on a virtual trip to Michigan with her read aloud, and we all dressed like Tacky Tourists for the theme, "Reading Takes you Anywhere!".

 And to wrap up the week on Friday, we all dressed like campers and explorers for the theme, "Reading is an Adventure!"  Ms. Costello, read to us about New York, the state where she was grew up.

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