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Curriculum & Assessments

We will be utilizing some familiar & new curriculum and assessments this year and have provided descriptions below:

“NEW” Achieve 3000—Grades 3-5
This program provides online differentiated instruction with the goal of improving reading comprehension in grades 3-5. Teachers will use Achieve3000 to establish a baseline Lexile reading level (LevelSet is a reading assessment) for their students then the teachers will incorporate the site’s numerous standards-aligned lessons and tools to foster academic growth and track student progress. The LevelSet Reading Asessment will also be used an additional two times a year (at mid-and end-of-year) to refine the student’s Lexile measure and provide a measure of growth. Between LevelSet assessments, the system automatically adjusts the student’s Lexile every month based on their performance on assessments embedded in the lessons.

“NEW” SIPPS—Grades K-2
SIPPS is a systematic, differentiated foundational skills program that develops the word-recognition strategies and skills that enable students to become fluent and confident readers and writers. The SIPPS Placement Assessment will determine the child’s instructional level. Teachers will use this information to provide differentiated, small group instruction throughout each week for 30 min sessions 4-5 times (depending on the student’s level)

i-Ready—Grades K-5
i-Ready is an online program for Reading and Mathematics that will help your child’s teacher determine student needs, personalize learning,and monitor progress throughout the school year. i-Ready allows teachers to meet students exactly where they are and provides data to increase student learning gains. i-Ready consists of two parts: Diagnostic and Personalized Instruction. Diagnostic results also set a personalized learning path for each student, ensuring they’re working on instruction that matches their unique learning needs.

Shannon Hayes