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Leader in Me Contest

2021 Contest Prompt:

Demonstrate leadership through service as a school, a family, or an individual:

Identify a community or global need.
Complete a service-learning project designed to address the need.
Create a video to document your impact.

All students are encouraged to enter by submitting up to a five (5) minute video.

Students (with the help of an adult or school) can create a traditional or creative video. Students can speak in their native language – not just English!

Who is eligible to participate?

Any student worldwide (ages 5 to 19) that attends a licensed Leader in Me School is eligible to participate. Parents and guardians are encouraged to assist, but the student must do the majority of the work!

For details about this contest:


 Step 1: Prepare a Great Message

• Identify and demonstrate leadership through service to fulfill a community or global need, by completing a service learning project and reporting on it.

• Seek permission and/or credit the source of any third-party content referenced during the speech.  

* Don't forget to film during the duration of your service learning projecct.

Steps 2, 3, and 4 are explained on the LIM Speech Contest website.