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Leader in Me Happenings

From our Family Learning Action Team:
We are excited to bring you monthly activities that help you learn the 7 Habits we are using at school. The key to our student success is YOU! When students learn and use the 7 habits at school and at home, it truly becomes a HABIT and we build strong leaders who become successful adults!  Each month students are invited to teach you the habit we are focusing on for the month.
October is Habit 3: Put First things First. (Ask your child to explain what this habit means to them.) With this habit, we are making sure we prioritize the important things in our lives before anything else. We say, "Work first, then play." Can you see how valuable this can be in your home?
All of our Mintz Leaders are building INDEPENDENCE by being RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE and CARING! In the classrooms and school campus, students have leadership roles to help our classrooms and school run smoothly. Attached you will find a list of ideas you can use at home. Your child can be a leader at home to help your home run smoothly while building independence. Please go through the ideas and decide what best fits your needs at home.
We want to join you in celebrating your At-Home Leaders, so send us a picture of your Leader at home doing one of the activities you choose from the box. We will showcase your Leader on our morning show in a special slide show presentation. You can submit your picture at: We look forward to seeing how your family is putting the important things first and empowering our lifelong leaders!