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Panorama Survey

Panorama Link    Students will enter their Student ID as the access code

Dear Parent or Guardian, 

Hillsborough County Public Schools is excited to announce our partnership with Panorama Education.  Panorama works with 11 state agencies, 900 districts, and nearly 12,000 schools across 48 states to collect and act on stakeholder's voices, supporting over 10 million students.       With a focus on social-emotional learning (SEL), Panorama partners with districts to build supports for the whole child.

By working with Panorama, our district will have access to a powerful online platform to help us share and take action on data.  We are excited to provide our educators and schools with a research-backed survey to support student’s social, emotional, and academic needs.

The spring survey window will begin on April 5 and close on April 28, 2021. All students in grades 3-12 will be asked to participate in the survey. Students will self-reflect on topics such as Growth Mindset, School Climate and Culture, Social Awareness, and Teacher-Student Relationships.  Their responses will provide invaluable insights into their experiences and how we can improve and adapt our district to support their needs. 

The Panorama platform will also include an online “Playbook” of lessons for teachers.                                                                                                            These lessons will help support our students in the classroom with skills such as goal setting, decision making, and conflict resolution. 

We are excited to partner with Panorama Education and look forward to supporting our student's social, emotional, and academic development.