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New Student Registration and FAQ

Registrations are by appointment only! If you need to register for school, please call (813) 641-5611. Thank you!


How will I know who my guidance counselor is?

Guidance counselors are assigned to students according to their last names Mrs. Osgood Mrs. Sherry Mrs. Diaz A-Gal Gam-O P-Z


How long is the passing period?

You have six minutes in between each class. Be in your seat before the tardy bell rings, or you will be marked tardy.


Is there a school supply list?

Each individual teacher will provide a class supply list on CANVAS, and will inform their students in their class during the first week of school.


Hall Locks

Hall Locks may be purchased on the MPP site at: once your locker purchase is made, please bring your confirmation of purchase with you to the Student Affairs Office to pick up your lock. The yearly cost of a locker is $5.00.


How do I buy a P.E. uniform?

PE uniforms will be sold the first week of school for $10.00.


Student Parking Decals

Student Parking Decals may be purchased on the MPP site at: All required paperwork with a parent/guardian signature must be on file in the Student Affairs Office before a parking decal is given. Please bring all completed paperwork & your confirmation of purchase with you to pick up your decal. The yearly cost of a Student Parking Decal is $20.00. A replacement decal fee is $10.00. A $25.00 fine will be assessed for parking on campus without a current school year decal being properly displayed.


When do I have lunch?

Lunches will be during 5th period. You will report to 5th period the first day of school, and your 5th period teacher will let you know if you have A or B lunch. Report to your 5th period class on the first day of school. If you have lunch A, you will report to the cafeteria at the beginning of 5th period, after the first day of school. If you have B lunch, you will report to your 5th period class first.


How much does it cost for school lunch?

Lunches are free for EVERYONE the 2021-2022 school year. You may pay additional money to purchase a la carte items that are not included in the school lunch menu.


Where can I buy a yearbook?

Order online for $85.00 by February 1, 2022.


Who do I see if I have a conflict with another student?

You should go to the Student Affairs office any time you have a conflict with another student that you cannot resolve yourself.


How do I avoid getting a dress code referral?

Reference the Student Code of Conduct for Hillsborough County Public Schools and listen carefully during Lennard High School’s assemblies for information regarding Dress Code. All dress code policies are enforced daily during the school day and at all extracurricular school related events.


When do I use the restroom?

You are to use the restrooms during your passing periods or during your lunch unless it is an emergency.


Who will give me information about a particular sport?

Mr. Tunstall in the Student Affairs Office will provide you with all athletic information.


How do I volunteer as a parent at Lennard High School?

Complete the link below to be eligible to serve in the capacity at Lennard High School