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    The Purpose of the School Improvement Plan 
    The School Improvement Plan (SIP) provides a means for all district schools to create a plan of action to make the necessary changes to improve student achievement. In partnership, the School Advisory Council (SAC), school leadership team, and staff analyze the school’s data and engage in a problem-solving process. Using the problem-solving process, schools identify, and progress monitor specific Areas of Focus, strategies, action steps, and budget resources for their SIPs throughout the school year.

    Palm River SAC Needs you!  Please click the links below if you are interested in SAC and return the form to Ms. Whitley, Palm River Elementary's S.A.C. Chair.  THANK YOU!! 

    SAC Needs You! (English)

    SAC Needs You (Spanish)

    What does the School Improvement Plan look like? Click to see the Palm River School Improvement Plan