Frequently Asked Questions Related to Our Transition Away from Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology

  • As several Florida districts transition away from AP Psychology, below are a series of questions that will be helpful in guiding student and family decision making around accelerated course opportunities.  

    If students were enrolled in AP Psychology, will they automatically be enrolled in Cambridge AICE Psychology? 
    Students in Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) previously enrolled in AP Psychology will see the Cambridge AICE Psychology course (AICE Psych 1 AS) on their first day schedules.  

    Can students still earn college credit with Cambridge AICE Psychology? 
    Students earning passing scores on the Cambridge AICE Psychology exam will be eligible for college equivalent credit of PSY X012 (  Families can access Cambridge’s Recognition and Credit policy search website here: 

    What if a student does not want to take Cambridge AICE Psychology, can their schedule be changed? 
    Students in HCPS have multiple options for accelerated coursework. If there is a desire for a schedule change, students can work with their school counselors and administrators.  

    Are there any HCPS sites that will not be able to transition to Cambridge AICE Psychology?
    Currently our 28 traditional high school sites are authorized to offer Cambridge AICE courses, as part of our previous Cambridge AICE expansion plan. Hillsborough Virtual K-12 was not part of that Cambridge expansion. Hillsborough Virtual K-12 will work with their students to identify other Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment options. 

    What if a student needed AP Psychology to be eligible for the AP Capstone diploma? 
    The College Board’s Capstone designation is still a distinguished accomplishment that we support.  Students impacted by this change should contact their counselor and work with them to select another AP course.   

    Are there other options in addition to Cambridge AICE Psychology?
    HCPS is also a large Dual Enrollment district with local institutions as our partners. When appropriate, schools may elect to offer Dual Enrollment Psychology as an on-campus course. Additionally, qualified students may also request the opportunity to take Psychology through off-campus Dual Enrollment for the Spring 2023 term.  Hillsborough County Public Schools is working with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organization to explore options that would support students at our five IB Magnet high schools. 

    How will the District support teacher training and resource needs?   
    HCPS Accelerated Programs team is working with Cambridge to offer training opportunities for our teachers. The district will hold internal support sessions for new AICE Psychology teachers.  In addition, AICE Psychology resources were ordered by the district on August 4, 2023. We are also working to provide teachers with Cambridge University Press digital resources while we work to secure those physical resources for each classroom. All teachers will continue to have access to needed resources both in print and online. 

    If you have any additional questions, please contact your school administration.