• The Future Begins Here!

    The Future Begins Here, in Hillsborough County Public Schools. Starting with Early Education and continuing through our amazing Magnet Programs and Career and Technical Education, Hillsborough County Public Schools does more than prepare students for life – We prepare our students to change the future.

    The district will continue to work with our local health partners at the Florida Department of Health – Hillsborough and TGH/USF Health to monitor conditions throughout the community. 

    Students can also enroll in Hillsborough Virtual K-12. HVK12 is a perfect fit for families looking for flexibility. This Choice Option allows students to learn with certified Hillsborough County Public School teachers, participate in school clubs and athletics, and keep state funding (FTE) in our district. 





  • future med student

    “My future is in medicine!”

    At Hillsborough County Public Schools we reach for the highest academic measures beginning at a very young age. Several of our Choice & Magnet Schools specialize in teaching medicine and healthcare, beginning as early as elementary school!

  • future in agriculture

    “My future is Agriculture!”

    Imagine being a Certified Horticulture Professional - before ever leaving high school!

    At Hillsborough County Public Schools, we understand the value of this significant field. Many of our schools offer robust Agriculture programs where students learn about plants, animals and how to make them thrive.

  • graduate

    The Future Begins Here!

    More than 14,000 students walked across the stage of the Florida State Fairgrounds this year as graduates of Hillsborough County Public Schools.

    These graduates are prepared with the knowledge, skills and perseverance to excel in post-secondary education, the workforce, the military, or wherever their path may take them.