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    Cover your digital basics
    The digital world is here to stay. Most of us will interact with it both personally and professionally.  It’s imperative to know that having a better understanding of the Internet, computers, and social media will help individuals towards acquiring digital skills. Once you have these skills, there will be many more possibilities open to you as far as career advancement. This course is designed for beginners to the world of computing or for those who want to increase their understanding of a personal computer. This class goes deeper into configuring and optimizing a computer, securing a computer, recovering a computer from hardware or software issues, cloud computing (basics), managing passwords and web accounts. Presentations include interactive multimedia computer lessons and classroom lectures.


    • Continue to understand the basics of using a computer and networks.
    • Identify and evaluate information on the Web. (Learn how to be critical and evaluate what is valid and reliable)
    • Identify common problems and implement solutions. 
    • Learn the responsible use of technology and information.
    • Expand the knowledge of digital tools, hardware and software.

    **Courses are subject to cancellation if the enrollment is below the stipulated minimum of 10 students. 

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