• Welcome to the Adams Middle School Media Center 


    Welcome to the Adams Middle School Virtual Media Center's course on Media Literacy!

    This year we are going to learn the fundamentals of media literacy. Using the Florida Department of Education's  F. I. N. D. S. method, we are taking a deep and exploratory guide in learning about the tools and resources available at the media center to help you navigate your courses, study for subject area and state exams. We will also learn about identifying reliable websites, strategies to investigate fake news, tips on how to be a better digital citizen, and how to become a 21st century literacy champion. Using the Florida Department of Education's F. I. N. D. S. method we will:

    • Focus on information need
    • Investigate resources to search for answer
    • Note and evaluate facts and ideas to answer the question
    • Develop information into knowledge for presentation
    • Score presentation and search process

    Best practice indicates that a lesson overview section should include an introduction to the upcoming activity, a lesson plan, a timeframe, and goals or outcomes for learning. Each lesson includes Florida standards covered throughout the lesson plan as well as background information for educators to learn more about the topic and standards.

    Library Hours

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    9:30am - 3:30pm 9:30am - 4:30pm 9:30am - 4:30pm 9:30am - 4:30pm 9:30am - 4:30pm



    Wear Your Mask

    • Masks are required in the Media Center.
    • Students are strongly encouraged to sanitize hands when entering the Media Center.
    • Students must maintain a 6ft distance while occupying the Media Center.
    • Students will need a pass to enter the Media Center.
    • Students can check out 4 books for 2 weeks.
    • Books can be renewed.
    • Students should complete their assigned task on their pass.
    • Students are not permitted during lunch due to social distancing.
    • eBooks available for check out using your student number.
    • Lost or Damaged books cost:  Fiction $10.00/Non-fiction $15.00


    • Teachers and paraprofessionals should schedule time in the media center and computer labs in advance. 
    • Students should return to class ten minutes before the bell for the period.
    • Students can use assigned computers to complete assignments.
    • Each student who enters the Media Center should have a pass unless it is before or after school.
    • Concierge services for library services and materials are available. 
    • Brick and mortar and virtual students may request books using the HOLD system in our Library Virtual Catalog. 


    About Your Library Media Specialist  

    My name is Christina Vortia (Links to an external site.), and I look forward to meeting you & learning together in the library!

    Christina Vortia

    Meet Mrs. Vortia


    📊 Information Literacy: -FINDS- Florida's Library Media Research Model

    Please click on the hyperlink below to learn more about the Florida Department of Education's F. I. N. D. S. Library Research Model per grade.

    6th Grade (Links to an external site.)

    7th Grade (Links to an external site.)

    8th Grade (Links to an external site.)