student at desk in classroom

Provide Comprehensive and Meaningful Services


    To provide comprehensive, meaningful services to the immigrant community including: educational assessment, social service partnership, and other community connections that enhance the newcomers' experiences and help build successful, productive, life-long learners of all ages.


    All K-12 immigrant refugee students will be given the opportunity to achieve their highest potential and fulfill their American Dream.


    Identify and assist the acculturation of immigrant refugee students and families.

    Develop a systems navigation structure for academic, psychological, and social supplementary services for school age children and their families.


    • Provide comprehensive integrative services and agency networking.
    • Identify academic, educational, social and emotional needs of immigrant refugee students and families.
    • Support acculturation through outreach activities for the student and parent.
    • Introduce immigrant refugees to American culture and customs, as well as identify life skills essential to supporting a successful transition to the Hillsborough County Public Schools system.