• Mission
    The mission of the Security and Emergency Management Department is to promote a culture of safety and respect while demonstrating best practice in all areas of safety and site security.Evacuation Route image

    About the Chief
    John Newman has served as the Chief of Security and Emergency management for HCPS since April of 2014. He previously served as the Assistant Chief of Investigations and Support for the Tampa Police Department, before retiring after 29 years of service. Chief Newman’s tenure at the Tampa Police Department included assignments in Patrol, Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Legal and Internal Affairs. He worked five years as an undercover detective in the Narcotics Unit. and also served six years on the Tactical Response Team. During his nearly thirty years at the Tampa Police Department, he worked and coordinated large scale events such as the Gasparilla Events, three NFL Super Bowl games, NCAA Sporting events and 2012 Republican National Convention. He also was deployed to assist other Florida agencies who were directly impacted by Hurricane Charlie and Hurricane Andrew. Chief John Newman is from Brick, NJ. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and a Master of American Studies degree from the University of South Florida and is a graduate of the 111th Administrative Officers Course from the Southern Police Institute at the University of Louisville.

    About Us
    We are a full-service Security and Emergency Management Department that recognizes the importance of being an advocate for students, staff and personnel on our campuses.

    We provide around-the-clock professional services with our own HCPS Security personnel as well as the staffing of sworn law enforcement officers on our middle and high school campuses. This partnership of HCPS Security Services and our local law enforcement agencies allows us to provide and maintain a safe and secure learning environment for our students, staff and visitors. HCPS Security and Emergency Management works collaboratively with all public safety agencies in Hillsborough County and is an essential partner with the Hillsborough County Emergency Operation Center.

    The Security and Emergency Management Department services the 8th largest school district in the nation. We monitor and respond to a variety of situations and events. Our duties and responsibilities range from alarm call response to any of our nearly 280 sites, to providing comprehensive presentations about school safety, pedestrian safety, bullying and drug/gang prevention. As part of securing and maintaining our campuses, we routinely utilize the expertise of our certified officers in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design. HCPS embraces its emergency support function role and works with the American Red Cross to provide Emergency Shelter/Housing during a catastrophic event.