Williams MUN- Model United Nations

  • Advisor: Monica Dutzar, Peyton Dunn, Jonathan Droog

    Contact Information: Monica.Dutzar@hcps.net

    **The 2023-24 MUN Application period is closed**

    What is MUN?

    Model UN simulations engage hundreds of thousands of students each year, helping them to learn more about the principles of the UN and how it functions. Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts – including at the UN itself – participated in Model UN as students.

    The United Nations supports Model UN simulations by building and maintaining strong links between the UN and Model UN participants. It does this by sharing first-hand knowledge about the work of the UN at Model UN conferences; providing guidance with organizers to create accurate and authentic simulations; and encouraging Model UN clubs to take concrete action to support UN values and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


    Competitive Events

    The Model United Nations (“MUN”) team simulates the crucial business of the United Nations assembly. Students role-play UN delegates representing an assigned country. Large-scale university MUN conferences field topics facing the international community. WMMS students serving on various committees engage in pre-conference research on assigned topics, their country’s position, and their country’s economics, politics, culture, and laws. This work culminates in the two-day conference in New York City in the spring, in which students participate in diplomatic simulations scored by the chairs of each committee. 


    Former Highlights

    At the New York City International Global Classrooms Conference, Williams Cougars earned...

    • Secretary General Award
    • 3 Honorable Mention Awards
    • 2 Best Position Paper Awards


    Who can join as a member of the Williams IB MUN?  

    Year 1 (6th): No tryout required; No travel involved

    Year 2 (7th) and Year 3 (8th): Tryouts required; Travel to New York City


    When are the MUN meetings?

    Year 1 (6th): Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm

    First meeting on Thursday, September 7th  


    Year 2 (7th) and Year 3 (8th): Tuesdays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm and Fridays at 7:20 am

    First meeting on August 29th for current members and September 12th for new members




    Important Links:

    Model United Nations Website: Click HERE