School Closure Update - Hurricane Ian

  • County emergency operations officials have activated more than 50 of our schools as storm shelters to house community members who have evacuated the hurricane's path.

    Emergency officials need our schools as shelters for several days due to the potential of high winds and heavy rain from this hurricane. We will need to close schools through Friday, September 30th, in order to thoroughly clean schools that are storm shelters and anticipate a return to school on Monday, October 3rd.

    After the storm passes, the district’s Rapid Response Teams will assess each school site for potential damage. We want to ensure we can help return our community to a sense of normalcy and continue educating our children; however, we must do it in a safe manner.

    We will work with the Florida Department of Education to determine how many instructional hours will be necessary to make up and will notify you once that has been determined.

    Stay safe and we will see you back on Monday, October 3rd.